Amazon Custom Products Solution

The fastest, easiest way to get custom orders details out of Amazon

Tired of the hassle of trying to gather up all the customization details for your Amazon custom products orders? Our web tool allows sellers to simply export your normal order report, upload it to our tool and then receive a csv download with all of the original order information plus all of the customization information for each order.

No need for an API, no need for a developer, no need for a person to copy all of the data. It’s that easy.

How It Works

Amazon Order Report Export Amazon Order Report Export Amazon Order Report Export
1. Export 2. Upload 3. Download
Export your default orders export out of Seller Central. You can use the New Orders or Unshipped Orders templates. Upload the orders export directly to our tool. No need to format, resave, or rename the file. Download the same orders report, but with all of the personalization information for your orders in csv format.

See The Tool In Action

Check out our Youtube Channel for a walkthrough of the tool in action.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more, or seeing what a sample output file would look like for your orders please contact us below.