Getting Started

Download the Account Setup Form by clicking the button bellow

To start using the application we give you 2 options:

Either send us a sample custom orders txt file from Amazon Seller Central OR provide us with your Amazon Merchant/Token Id

Upon receipt of this information together with your basic contact and billing information, you will be set up as a valid user.

Once set up, you will be given a URL address to launch the application. When the application is launched, you are prompted to upload the orders txt file. After the orders file is uploaded, the application will auto-generate your csv file containing the personalized data.

About the GDT Amazon Custom Solution

The application was originally developed for one of our clients who was looking for a solution to a problem in collecting and organizing personalized text from Amazon Seller Central.

To solve this problem, we read customized orders downloaded from Amazon Seller Central to extract and then organize the personalizion text in an easy to use csv file format.

As part of the process, the application filters out stock or “non” custom orders and orders already processed. This feature prevents duplicate production of product.

We soon learned that Amazon frequently makes changes how they store and format consumer supplied custom text and images. This lead to the development of the current Software as a Service (SaaS) model which makes it more practical to continually update the application to accommodate changes  implemented by Amazon.

Most clients generate their own programs or “scripts” to read the GDT file download. The standardized format makes it easy to extract personalized text and populate client product templates setup in various graphic art programs.